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WHY WAIT TIL THE NEW YEAR TO GET HEALTHY? 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Eating healthier, starting a diet, exercising more, starting a meditation practice, being more grateful, and being self aware always make the list of most common resolutions for the New Year. These are all great resolutions but why wait til the New Year to get healthy?

The hype and excitement of setting goals and resolutions for the New Year can leave you feeling drained come January 1st. The pressure of keeping up with the Jones or setting the bar too high can have you feeling overwhelmed and like your goals and resolutions are unattainable. So this year, not next, let’s work on setting intent and SMART goals.

Before sitting down to write your list of goals, for today, tomorrow, next month or next year — it’s important to set intent for what you hope to achieve. Your intent is what connects you to your goals by cultivating a supportive environment based on balance and understanding. This balance will help sustain the success of long term goals. How do I set intent?

  • Decide what you want
  • Write down your intent and say it often (like everyday often)
  • Monitor your thoughts
  • Remove negatives from your language (but, maybe, can’t, won’t, never…)
  • Stop complaining and take action
  • Move out of therapy thinking, into forward thinking!
  • Be persistent

Resolution : “I want to eat healthier.”
Wanting to eat healthier is a great goal but difficult to achieve without an action plan. Setting general goals can leave you falling short, or worse, quitting before you begin. When setting goals make sure to use the SMART method to check your success. SMART method means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time

Wanting to eat healthier is a general goal that can easily be broken into SMART goals. Start by defining what it means to eat healthy. What does a healthy diet look like? Everyone is different and has different goals so be sure to set intent for your version of what it means to eat healthy. Perhaps you simply want to add more greens to your diet or cut back on sugars. Maybe you want to try adding snacks between meals to balance blood sugar levels. Maybe your goal is to experiment with culinary preventative medicine. Again, “eating healthier” will mean something different to each person.

Next set a master goal(s). Examples would be : 3 times a week I will eat greens. I will drink ginger tea 5 days a week. I will add garlic to all my meals. I will eat a different fruit each day. I will cut refined sugars from my diet. Now you have a goal!

Next set measurable ways of achieving these goals. Let’s take eating a different fruit each day. Eating fruits are loaded with a variety of nutrients and vitamins the body needs to stay healthy and energized. By eating a fruit each day you can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. But let’s say you know all this but fruits aren’t really your thing. Break your master goal into micro goals. This is called setting an attainable goal. If you know eating fruit everyday is not going to happen (POINTS for being self aware) — start by eating 1 fruit a week for 1 week, the next week pick out 2 and eat 2 fruits that week, the following week pick 3… and so forth. By tip toeing into a new healthy eating habit you give yourself time to adjust to the change without the need to dive into the deep end, creating a sustainable long term eating habit. By setting up time frames for your goals you’ve taken the last step of setting SMART goals. Some goals remain goals and eventually expire — like training for a marathon but some goals are life long goals (like eating healthy) and eventually become habits laying the groundwork and foundation for future ‘eating healthy’ goals.

Just remember that next year will come and pass just as this year did. Use the power of intent and focus on setting attainable goals that leave you feeling motivated and empowered.


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