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THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT RUNNING 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Running has always been my preferred method of exercise. I love that you can run literally anywhere, it doesn’t require a fancy gym membership and aside from purchasing a decent pair of running shoes — it’s free. I started running many moons ago and even in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing I could feel the impact it was having on my body. I had more energy, my moods were energized for longer portions of the day and my body felt stronger.

By no means am I a cross country runner — and when I go for runs they are typically between 30-45 minutes. This works for me. It gives my body enough time to work through the phases of what happens when we start running.

What happens to the body when you run?
Once you’re stretched and limber, and take that first step, your muscles rely on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to get moving. ATP is created from the foods we eat that are stored in your muscles and blood. This storage is called glycogen and is the body’s energy storage waiting to be used. This is the energy your body uses to keep your body moving during a run.

Next your muscles release lactic acid to signal your brain that hey! We’re moving, shut down all nonessential functions and use available energy for this run! The brain will then comply bringing more oxygen into the areas it needs. During this process your body is burning a lot of calories and you may feel your body temperature rise or notice redness or a flush. This is normal. Your blood vessels are dilated bringing blood closer to the skin to keep your body cool.

Runners High
If you have built enough endurance, your body will reach a point where you settle on a sustainable breathing cycle and move almost without effort. The body has reached an autopilot.

TIP. Cooldowns are just as important. Once you’ve reached your goal you’ll want to cool down by slowing down your pace, and reverting back to a walk. Allow your breathing to return back to normal before bringing your attention to another activity.

One of the first things I noticed when I started running was the foods I craved and how certain foods enhanced my running performance. I noticed on days I ate certain foods, my runs were longer because my body was performing stronger.

Try some of my snack recipes to enhance your runs by providing the nutrients it needs to stay strong. TEXAS STYLE SWEET POTATO WEDGES WITH CARAMELIZED PECANS, SPINACH SMOOTHIE BOWL, COCONUT APRICOT ENERGY BALL

And here are 10 simple ways to help you actually enjoy running! Infographic provided by Positive Health Wellness.

10 Simple Ways To Actually Enjoy Running


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