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Buddha Bowl


THE VEGAN BUDDHA BOWL 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Buddha Bowls are sooo 2017
Quinoa was so 2014, Avocado 2015, Kale 2016 and Buddha bowls are so 2017. Lucky for us food trends have moved away from cupcakes (2005) and macarons (2010) and into an era of organic and locally grown foods, which is exactly what the Buddha bowl calls for.

What the heck is a buddha bowl?
If you heard this term and didn’t know what it meant, you probably immediately googled it to find gorgeous images of oversized bowls on Instagram and Pinterest filled with fresh cut veggies and nuts, served raw. There are no real guidelines for strictly defining a buddha bowl per say but “Instyle” magazine breaks it down to 15% lean protein, 25% whole grains, 35% veggies, 10% sauces or dressings, topped with 30% toppings or extras in the form of nuts, seeds or sprouts.

The Buddha Bowl is perfect for lunch or dinner because it contains the nutritional value of a complete healthy meal that you can personalize to suit your taste. Making it easy to stock up the next time you’re at the market.


Tips for Your Bowl

Shop organic. To get the most out of the nutrients in your bowl
Balance your bowl. Make sure your bowl includes each of the major categories : veggies, greens, protein, whole grains, a sauce and toppings!
Add color. Which in doubt of what to add to your bowl just make a rainbow. Vibrantly colored fruits and veggies such as avocados, carrots, or tomatoes each being their own arsenal of health benefits to the table.
Don’t be afraid of texture. A combination of different textures can enhance your meal by allowing you to taste and savor each of your hand picked ingredients. Studies show the more you enjoy your meal, the better the body digests and receives the nutrients it has to offer.
Double up. When preparing a bowl, double up on ingredients to have second serving to either share with a friend or save for later. (If you’re using a dressing, save dressing in a separate container)

If you’re new to the Buddha Bowl trend, not to worry. We’ve prepared a simple and easy vegan bowl for you below jam packed with our favorite super-foods.


Prep Time 10min

Watermelon radish
Raw spinach
Sesame seeds

Top it off with your favorite dressing. I like to keep it simple with a drizzle of organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, balsamic glaze and grind or two of fresh black pepper. #BonAppetit


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