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No Diet Diet


THE NO DIET DIET : OUR FAVORITE DIET 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Ew diets, gross. That’s so 1950s with the rise of Weight Watchers, Slim Fast in the 1970s and let’s not forget the almighty Atkins high protein – low carb Diet Resolution of the 1990s. Many other fads have come and gone and here’s why. Did you know that 98 percent of people who lose weight on diets gain it back within one year? Many diets treat the symptom, and not the cause, so to speak. Excess eating, poor food choices and habits, compulsions, and overeating are very often the “symptoms” and result of an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress and physiological imbalances.

Staying Positive
The further you delve into nutrition you will begin to recognize the correlation between body and mind and how what you put into your body directly affects your state of being, in turn effecting who you are as a person day to day. The goal is not to focus on what’s not working. The goal is to identify what does work for you, take on a super positive (yet attainable) approach and leave behind those long list of restrictions that leave us frustrated and lead to failure or low self esteem.

The No-Diet Diet is still technically a Diet (Did we mention that?)
The philosophy behind the No-Diet Diet is to cut ties with counting calories, eating foods you don’t enjoy in portions that aren’t satisfying. The No-Diet Diet is intended to break you free of the restrictions you have created for yourself when it comes to food. It’s intended to be the first step in giving you your power back — a clean slate. It’s the first step in establishing a healthy relationship with food.

The Big Juicy Cheeseburger. YUM
We want you to eat the Cheeseburger; and here’s why. Chances are if you’re craving red meat and steak, you’re most likely iron deficient. Your body has the amazing ability to communicate its exact needs to you and it’s important to listen. Sometimes you will crave sweets (getting into the habit of eating good sugars can be a challenge) and choosing the right foods for you will have a learning curve and that’s why I am here. To help you through the process and offer guidance.

Fast Food is the Most Expensive Food You’ll Ever Eat
The modern lifestyle can have an adverse effect on someone trying to be healthier. Making the effort to eat nutritious meals can be difficult when the average person works 47 hours a week, gets about 17 minutes a day of exercise and has on average 3 little ones at home to tends to. It absolutely makes sense why about 28 percent of Americans are dining at fast food joints 2-3 times a week to save time and money, but in the end this is not a quick fix but in turn creates huge ginormous sometimes, irreversible(costly) health problems. Fast foods are packed with high sodium and fat content with little to no nutritional value. Studies have shown time and time again, that people who dine fast food establishments on a weekly basis significantly increase their chances of being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, increase their chances of dying of heart disease and cancers.

KISS | Keep it Simple Stupid
The thought of eating healthy nutritious meals shouldn’t feel like a chore or like something outside the realm of possibility. I have devoted my career as a Chef and Coach to creating ways to make it easy for the average person on the go. I have made my knowledge and expertise available via my blog and social media feeds as tools to help you on your way. Many of my recipes take less than 10 min and do not require cooking. My goal as a Nutrition Coach is to lead you on your path to re-discovering food in a positive light and what works best for you.

While each person is different, many of the foods we eat can be replaced with healthier simpler options. It may seem abnormal but many of us may not need to eat as we do. Our body requires a standard quota of nutrients each day and you’ll be surprised at some of the options that can achieve this goal quiet easily. For example, rice — a typical go-to. You may typically cook a meal with a side of white rice (15 gram) which has the nutritional value of .5g of Fiber, 8mg of Magnesium, 26 mg Potassium, 33 mg of Phosphorus and 1 mg of Calcium. It’s rival, Brown Rice contains 1.4g of Fiber, 44mg of Magnesium, 79 mg Potassium, 77 mg of Phosphorus and 10 mg of Calcium. Mind Blown. The same measurement of Brown Rice contains nearly triple the nutritional value as the White Rice and puts you that much closer to achieving your daily quota. In swapping habits like this one or creating new ones alike, you prevent yourself from overeating and allowing your body to store unnecessary calories with no nutritional value that will most likely turn to fat. Thus perpetuating the cycle, and completely defeating the purpose of that 3 mile run you went on today.

Just remember your body is on your side. It will speak to you and tell you what it needs. There is no need for blacklists or restrictions. Now, while your body cannot communicate verbally, It’s important you do your due diligence in finding out what foods you like and create a balance that serves you both. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. Try not to think of foods in terms of good or bad but in terms of nutritional value and long term benefits and the rest will take care of itself.


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