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    Sadly, in today’s fast-paced society with our diet-obsessed culture, when it comes to food, we have a plethora of choices available. From binge-worthy snacks to the cheese-oozing delicacies, from freshly-baked croissants to mouthwatering Indian curries, from big fat juicy burgers to aromatic Italian… the choices literally, just never end. Add to that our distraction-filled life which has shifted our focal point from the actual act of eating and onto our smart gadgets, TVs and computers.
    To say the least, eating has become a mindless activity that we try to get done within a jiffy without ever having the time to appreciate what we are gifting our bodies. Did you know it takes the brain up to 20 minutes to finally realize that you are full? When one eats fast, it isn’t able to trigger the signal of fullness and by the time you are done eating, you have overeaten. This is how bingeing and mindless eating work. Had you chosen to eat mindfully, you would have restored all your attention on the food in front of you and given your mind enough time to cue the stomach that is it filled to the brim.

    See, I told you!

    So how do you eat mindfully? I have made a checklist. A Checklist worth printing and pasting in your dining room

    Eat at least one meal mindfully. I fully understand that you don’t have any time to slowly chew and enjoy all three or four meals that you indulge yourself in everyday. I can’t blame you. There is so much going on around us, spending too much time on eating just doesn’t seem right. Therefore, make it happen once every day. Wake up five minutes early for a mindful breakfast or enjoy one conscious meal at dinner with your family. All that I ask is to make it happen once.

    Remove all the worldly distractions. Make eating an act all by itself. That includes switching off the Wi-Fi and TV, minimizing the senseless chatter you do all day, and staying away from looking at your phone every now and then. Let eating be the only thing on your mind.

    Don’t eat when emotionally unstable. That goes for all emotions, including both sad and happy moments. You are more likely to eat more when happy over an unexpected promotion or sad after an abrupt fight with your partner. Whatever the situation, don’t go into the kitchen to get that Ben and Jerry’s tub out from the freezer!

    Always eat while sitting down. No, that doesn’t mean eating while driving !

    Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. Until you hear your stomach growl, don’t indulge in eating. No need to stuff yourself during the lunch break when you don’t feel hungry as that would only count as overeating as your stomach already has stuff to digest.

    Stay quiet for a minute before and after you are done eating. Let your mind know and accept that you are about to eat beforehand and also, don’t try to rush to the next big activity on your mind after you are done. Allow yourself a minute in silence to truly appreciate the act itself.

    Notice how your body feels. In that one minute, before beginning, look at the food and visualize yourself eating it.

    Don’t gulp but savor every bite. Take your time chewing and swallowing to allow your palette to taste all the spices, aromas and taste of the food.

    Chew properly.
    The more your chew, the less work your body has to do to digest. A fast metabolism is a healthy sign so let’s all try to aim for that together!

    Always save up some space in your stomach to boost the digestion process. That means not to keep eating until you are full.

    When done, appreciate how oddly satisfying the whole act was.

    So, you see, mindful eating isn’t hard. One of the biggest perks is that there aren’t any restrictions involved; it is all about eating attentively and appreciatively. So are you up for it?


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