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Salmon and Tomato Virgin Sauce Lettuce Wrap


SALMON LETTUCE WRAP AND TOMATO VIRGIN SAUCE 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Have an overflow of cherry tomatoes in your garden? Well here is a great recipe that calls for 4 cups of cherry tomatoes and can be prepared in 20 minutes. We present, the Salmon Lettuce Wrap. Renditions of the Salmon Wrap exist in many cultures but I prefer to pair it with a refreshing Summer Virgin Sauce, romaine lettuce, sliced avocado and lemon. This versatile Salmon Lettuce wrap is easy to make, healthy and can be prepared in larger quantities and then stored to enjoy at a later date.


What’s so special about Summer Virgin Sauce?
Virgin Sauce is a french sauce, “Sauce Vierge” made from olive oil, lemon juice, tomato and basil served with fish. The ingredients are combined and given time to infuse, enhancing the flavors of the overall dish. Virgin sauces were made popular in the mediterranean regions due to the beneficial components of MFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) which lower risks of heart disease, lower blood pressure and increase life expectancies.
Because of the simple nature of the Virgin Sauce, it can be virtually paired with any dish, including poultry, used as a sauce, dip or dressing.

How to store a Virgin Sauce?
If you plan to store your Virgin Sauce for over a week, prepare with more olive oil and simply drain the excess before eating.

Prep time 20

3 ounces salmon per person
Mixed spices for salmon
Hearts of romaine
½ avocado per person
2 slices of lemon

Tomato and Basil Virgin Sauce
4 cups of cherry tomatoes of different colors (yellow, orange, red, dark red, …), cut in halves
1 ½ cup sundried tomatoes, sliced
2 cups of roughly chopped fresh basil
½ to 1 cup cured black olives, sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed
½ to 1 cup olive oil
Salt and pepper

cherry tomato

1. Prepare the virgin sauce by mixing all the ingredients. Start adding ½ cup olive oil, it is a virgin sauce not a salsa, so don’t be afraid to use a bigger quantity of olive oil!
2. Rub salmon filets with mixed spices or salt and pepper. Cook either in the oven or on a skillet. I personally love it with a light crust and medium rare inside. Slice the salmon when cooked.
3. Prepare the romaine by choosing the crunchiest and deepest leaves.
4. Slice the avocado and sprinkle with lemon juice to keep the color and freshness.
5. Assemble the lettuce wraps buy placing slices of salmon, 2 slices of avocado and top with virgin sauce.
6. Squeeze a slice of lemon and enjoy!


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