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The forbidden topic of body image. We all have body image and that’s a good or bad thing. It is completely normal to develop feelings about how we look and wonder how others see us, but it’s important to understand what it means to have a healthy body image.

Not liking aspects of your body is one thing but developing strong negative feelings that shape the perception you have of yourself as a whole is another. Negative body image can truly lead down a disruptive path of shame and self loathing. In this eBook we will explore what the differences are between positive and negative body image, and where does body image come from.

BODY IMAGE + WEIGHT LOSS explores the fascinating subject of body image and weight loss with an exercise to focus on aspects of yourself that you truly love, with insights about the weight loss myth, exercising, stress and foods that trump stress and gut health.

+ 11 pages
+ The differences between positive and negative body image
+ Where does body image come from
+ Body image and weight loss
+ The weight loss myth
+ Stress and the foods to trump stress
+ Exercising
+ Gut health and more


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