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A shocking percentage of women find fault with their body. This doesn’t exactly body well for physical intimacy which can lead down a rabbit hole of shame and self loathing. The perceptions and feelings we have of and towards our body are what shape and lay the foundation for how we treat and respect our body.
Research shows that if you are a woman living in the United States between 1970 and 1997 there is a high probability that you belong to the percentage of women that are chronically unhappy with their bodies. This number doubled from 25% to 56% in more recent years. The BODY IMAGE + SEX eBook uncovers some of the reasons why and how we can prevent it from happening.

The BODY IMAGE + SEX eBook includes:
+ 6 pages
+ The Ugly Truth – page 2
+ Projection — Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – page 3
+ 10 tips to help young girls develop positive body images
+ How to Improve Body Image – page 4
+ Intimacy and Affection – page 5


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