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Nutrition Coaches to the Rescue


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My name is Delphine Remy and in this very moment I am a person just like you. I wake up with things on my mind, I have lists of things to do, children to feed, dogs to walk and a career that occupies my time. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance hasn’t always come easy to me (not that it’s easy now, it still takes work) but it’s something that I have identified as having a significant impact on the quality of my life and happiness.

Once upon a time, in a far away land I worked in finance. Yes, hard to believe I know but it’s true. I have degrees in both business and economics and at one point, I believed finance was my calling. Perhaps it was more a talent then a passion but it left a hole in my life. Something was missing and the truth is I was not living a balanced life. When I found success in certain areas of my life, it seems other areas suffered. So I turned in and listened to my heart to find that the kitchen was calling my name.

Raised in the Kitchen
To this day I can vividly recall the strong aromas of my mother’s kitchen. Cooking to her was an art, a passion, a creative expression. Needless to say my cooking career began at my mother’s knees with formal lessons beginning at 12.

I decided to follow my heart. I hung up my business suits and pursued a career as a private chef providing catering services, to becoming a certified holistic nutrition & eating psychology coach practicing in Belgium and let me tell you what a journey it has been. Liberating, absolutely liberating. I have traveled, lived here and there, moved to the US and then Belgium — then back and forth again. In that time, I grew. I personally grew. More than I ever expected to. By listening to my heart, following my intuition coupled with the formal training and education I received in becoming a coach, I have given peace of mind back to myself I didn’t know I could. After so many years, I now have the confidence to take on new endeavors, new adventures, new challenges even. Over the last 40 years, I have opened “Delphine’s Kitchen”, a catering business in Belgium and in Houston, “Les Tartes de Marie”, a tart & quiche online business in Houston and started working on a new project called “The Detox Box” and have my practice as a nutrition and eating psychology coach in Belgium.

The Secret is in the Food
I wish I could say I did this all on my own but of course that’s untrue. I have the support of my family, a loving husband, phenomenal friends, balance (for the most part) and a healthy diet. I am absolutely giving credit to the food I eat because research shows what you eat directly impacts your quality of life as a whole. So not just in gaining those pesky pounds here and there but it can cause chronic issues.

The Holistic Approach
Holistic Nutrition is a fairly new approach to developing a healthy and balanced diet while taking a whole person (and their current lifestyle) into consideration. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach or a diet for that matter. It’s the practice of becoming more in tune with your body and being able to listen and understand what it needs when it needs it. My approach to holistic nutrition is to treat the cause, not the symptom, while taking the person as a whole into consideration. Lifestyle, emotional and mental health, spirituality and physical health all play a major role in how our body processes food and what nutritional value our bodies are able to absorb. For example, if you’re emotionally suffering, the chances are your food choices are probably not the healthiest and your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs also suffers. I can work with you in exploring and identifying healthier alternatives that can significantly impact the quality of your life without turning it upside down.

Nutrition Coach : Get the support you need
More than 60% of Americans are on a diet, or trying to lose weight – and more than 98% of all weight lost on any diet is gained back within a year’s time. Diet’s don’t work! Moreover diets set ridiculous restrictions and deprivations that cause people to overeat or binge eat causing huge spikes in blood sugar which derails any progress you may have made (if any). Pretty counterproductive if you ask me. Nutrition Coaches, like myself, are bringing forth a new paradigm for the deep and complex challenges of weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.
9 out of 10 women are unhappy with their looks, and want to change their bodies. This is an unfortunate statistic and one that leads to low self-esteem and poor body image. 58% of college aged girls feel pressured to be a certain weight which can lead to eating disorders, substance abuse, constant dieting, or binging and purging. If you’re unhappy with your body and recognize you have an unhealthy relationship with food seek the guidance of a nutrition coach, physician or specialist to discuss treatment. The effects of some of these eating disorders can lead to serious mental disorders if left untreated.

Many gifted healers, practitioners, and dietitians aren’t getting you the results you need. Many practitioners and dietitians aren’t getting you the results you’re looking for because they are treating the symptoms of a bigger problem. With a nutrition coach you will learn to trust your appetite, eat intuitively and manage your weight naturally but following a few core values.

What you eat is only half the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. Believe it or not how we feel, what we’re thinking, where we are when we eat — each detail impacts the metabolism of each meal we eat.

Nutrition facts and information can only get you so far. It was Thomas Edison who quoted “knowledge without application is meaningless.” And this is absolutely true. I could publish all the tips and blogs my little fingers can muster to publish, and provide you with all the knowledge on food, nutrition and recipes I have but if you don’t apply these principles and take action, what is the benefit? I know sometimes It can make us feel good to buy the Lululemon yoga pants, wear them around the house but not actually go to yoga but …that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? That kind of makes them a very expensive pajama pant. Eventually, you have to go! Just rip off the band-aid and go — same goes for eating healthy. Just do it.

We are so much more than just the food we eat. I know the saying goes “you are what you eat.” but truthfully you are so much more. Vitamins, proteins and minerals are not the only thing feeding you. Your relationships, your career, your hobbies and passions also “feed” you as well — even the lack thereof. Ask yourself are you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are you suffering from overeating or over dieting? If so, it’s time to look within and listen. Listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to what your heart wants and even if it seems ridiculous or unplausible — I can tell you from experience — your heart and body know what you need, so listen closely.


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