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Mind Body Nutrition: Uniting Science and Soul

What You Eat is Only Half the Story of a Healthy Diet. Who We Are When We Eat is the Other Half.

Mind Body Nutrition explores how emotions and thoughts influence your physical, mental and emotional health. More specifically, it considers the psycho physiology of how digestion, calorie burning and the overall metabolism process of a meal could be impacted by anxiety, stress, relaxation, pleasure, speed of eating, mindfulness, lifestyle and more.

Nutrition can be complex. When considering a health transformation, it’s important to consider how the food is being consumed and what thoughts or emotions are going through the mind. The fact is that you can be eating the healthiest foods, but if your mind and body is out of sync, the nutrient value of a meal can be significantly reduced.

How Stress Affects Nutritional Intake

Stress can have a significant toll on a person’s life. Your relationship, beliefs, finances, occupation, and so on may provoke overwhelming feelings of confusion, fear, worry or loneliness. Although you might be aware of these more obvious stressors, there may be some that are hidden deep within the inner psyche.

You brain is not able to distinguish between true stress and stress that is created or imagined. For example, you’re on a beach, feeling happy and start to think about something in your past. If this memory carries any negative or unpleasant feelings, your body may go into a physiological stressful state. Although you may not notice it, there will be a rise in blood pressure and heart rate followed by a decrease in the proper functioning of the digestive system. According to research, stress can:

  • De-regulate your appetite
  • Increase certain hormone levels
  • Lead to excessive weight gain
  • Decreases strength and muscle mass
  • Causes digestive disorders
  • Reduces nutrient intake
  • Kills good gut bacteria
  • + More

Mind Body Nutrition Coaching

Mind Body Nutrition helps you to explore different things in your life that may be causing you stress. It will teach you how to navigate your own physiology, emotional well being and mental mindset; thereby, enabling you to be in control of your metabolism.

If you are ready to:

  • Try a positive approach to improving your body image and nutrition
  • Understand there is more to health and wellness than fitting into ‘the dress’
  • Evolve and transform your eating habits
  • Identify stressors that could be causing mind-body issues
  • Embrace the deliciousness of real whole foods
  • Build a strong, confident, beautiful relationship with yourself

My approach focuses on nourishment, simplicity and your own body’s’ unique make up. I take into consideration that your relationship with food is inherently yours’ and a part of your life journey. By combining research-backed science, Mind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology, I will teach you how to transform your connection to your body, your mind and your soul through food and nutrition.

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Delphine Remy is a certified Holistic Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach with a strong passion for food, nutrition, wellness and life.


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