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MANAGE YOUR FITNESS GOALS IN THE NEW YEAR 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

The new year is a good a time as any to evaluate changes you want to make in your life. Be it eating healthier, unplugging more or a simple desire to include more fitness in your daily routine — now is the time! Whatever your goals or resolutions may be, these changes start with you. Create intent for the changes you want to make and follow through.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to be more active physically by including small routines of fitness in my day-to-day. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium where I am blessed to be surrounded by nature’s beauty and just a stone’s throw from a gravel trail that winds through the forest, perfect for long walks and jogs. So this year, I want to make sure to stay consistent with the time I spend outdoors. I do love going for walks and jogs but sometimes life gets the better of me and I end up putting my fitness goals on the backburner. So instead of just admiring the beauty of my surroundings while on the go, I want take advantage of the opportunities around me.

How will I manage my fitness goals in the New Year?
It’s common for people to set all-or-nothing goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year and unfortunately, this approach leaves many feeling discouraged when they fall short. When I am setting a goal — short term or long term — I start by setting realistic expectations for myself by using the SMART goal method. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. By using this approach and method I can prep myself for success with personal accountability.

Getting Specific – Get to know the why behind your goal. Why do you want to accomplish this goal? How will you accomplish this goal?

Measurable – How will you measure whether or not the goal has been reached? How will you measure if you are on target to reach your goal? How will you adapt your goal if you are finding that SMART cannot be applied to your goal?

Achievable – Is this goal possible? Perhaps others have achieved a goal similar to the one you are hoping to achieve but ask yourself, do you have the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources to accomplish this goal? Be honest.

Focus on Relevancy- What do you want the end result of your goal to be? What are you hoping the results of accomplishing this goal will be? Is this a stepping stone to future goals?

Timely – Establish a start and end date for your goal that creates urgency.

After carefully working through the who, what, why of goal setting I came up with (3) personal fitness goals for 2018!

Goal #1 👍 I want to set aside time to enjoy an outdoor 20 min walk once a week to stretch my legs and take in some Vitamin D. This is technically a roll over fitness goal from last year and while I do go for walk occasionally, my goal is to recommit to the weekly walk.

Achieving the weekly walk.
I always say I’m going to take advantage that I live directly across from a walking trail but end up putting it on the back burner when life gets in the way. Going for a walk is a great way to strengthen muscles and bones not to mention significantly reduces the effects of various diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. This year I will make an effort to leave my running shoes by the door and my headphone’s on the entry table so I can take my audio books and Ted Talks on the go while enjoying some fresh air.

Goal #2 👍 Before my morning bath, I want to successfully complete a 60 second plank. After 3 months, I want to be able to complete a 120 second plank! And after 12 months, I want to be able to complete a 300 second plank!

Planks in the morning.
We have all heard how effective planking can be so why aren’t we doing it? This simple 60 second exercise has the ability to strengthen your core, sculpt your waistline, improve posture and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. Depending on the type of plank you are doing, it can engage, tighten and tone the muscles in your arms, back, shoulders and glutes. Join me in a 60 second plank in the morning and let’s experience the change together! For those of you who are more advanced, try adding a 120 second plank to your day.

Goal #3 👍 Use Yoga as a way to practice active meditation by being in the moment once a week.

Remembering to just breathe.
I recently discovered what a thorough workout Yoga can be and I really enjoyed the breathing exercises that come before each pose. In the past, I’ve mainly focused on cardio workouts to strengthen my body but Yoga seems to be all inclusive. My days are hectic with coaching, the blog, being a mother and wife that sometimes it feels good to just stand there, be in the moment…and breathe (while simultaneously strengthening my core😉).

Regardless of what your fitness goals or resolutions are this year, use SMART to help you find success. Find comfort in a system that works and take pride in the choice you made to create change in your life. Share your fitness goals with me in the comments below!


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