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Interview with Jessica Cohen


LIVING INSPIRED : INTERVIEW WITH JESSICA COHEN 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

On work : What would you say you “do” for a living?
I would say I do many things; but mostly what I do for a “living” is bring together elements to create beautiful digital spaces in the form of brand identity, design and development.

On work : How did you discover you had a passion for what you do?
I attended a school with a strong focus on the Arts and as a visual artist had the opportunity to experience many facets of it. I tried my hand at drawing, sculpting, photography, woodworking, collage, … and while my passion leaned more towards a digital expression i.e graphic design, UX design and branding — the other forms of expression provided a great framework and have been a great influence; and continue to be a source of inspiration. You could absolutely say I am what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Is there a quote or personal mantra that has the power to re-focus you?
I have a few but this one is my favorite. “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” a quote made famous by Physicist Stephen Hawking. This is always my first thought when feeling overwhelmed. This helps me remember that things are always moving and changing, and plans won’t always work out as planned (many times, for reasons beyond our comprehension) but we will survive and thrive if we adapt, trust, and learn to go with the flow. Take a deep breathe, make new plans and keep moving forward. It takes practice but as I’ve learned to trust myself and intuition — this one has become easier and easier.

What does your idea of the most perfect day look like?
This could virtually be any day of the week. This day includes a bright sky and a warm sun. I absolutely love the outdoors. Most afternoons you can find me barefoot in my yard — pruning my garden, arranging pots, playing fetch with my pups and enjoying the colors found on the blooms. Throw in an afternoon swim, followed up by dinner al fresco and you’ve got yourself the perfect day.

What does your typical day look like?
A typical day starts at 7am with coffee — lots of coffee — a light breakfast outdoors, and the bombardment of emails. Who’s got time to read the paper when you wake up to a few dozen notifications? After breakfast I create a list of action items for the day — and I get to it. I find that I am most productive in the mornings so I knock out as much as I can before lunch (this is when I typically start to lose momentum) then I break — and shift gears, often times to something completely unrelated. I take a lunch, visit a friend, go for a run, read, work on designs, play in the garden, etc. I do try and spend at least 20 minutes a day outside. I think it’s important to unplug — I see it as active meditation. Then back to work! The nature of my professional, where and what I do changes from day to day. Each month is a different project, different space, different team — not too much of a dull moment around here but I do find making time for myself helps maintain the balance of an ever changing work environment.

How do you encourage yourself to maintain balance in your life?
This took years of listening to my body but we’re BFFs now. I know when I need food, when I need rest, when I feel a burnout coming, when I need a cuddle or affectionate touch — even when I need to walk away from someone or something. There are times when making some of these decisions are not easy ones to make but at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself first. Many of us work long hours, sleep too few hours, sacrifice our health (in more ways than one) — why? Typically for the sake of someone or something else — no bueno. While sometimes I may still push myself a little further than I probably should I have a great meter for keeping myself balanced. Learn yourself! So you can take the best care of you.

What in your life would you say nourishes your soul?
I have a natural, most likely inherited, affinity for the arts. Be it music, literature, art — expressions of creativity move me in ways that bring honest fulfillment. Each year I challenge myself to learn a new mode of expression. Last year it was blogging, and this year it is the piano.

Food : What is a must-buy eat time you visit the grocery?
Bottled water, hummus and blueberries. There is never a time you will visit my house and not find these items in the fridge.

Food : What is your all time favorite go-to snack or meal?
If I’m being completely honest. Spicy Cheetos are my all time favorite snack. I can’t get enough of them. I know — I know! They’re terrible but also terribly delicious. Meal? Easy. Grilled tilapia with lentils, and sliced tomatoes on the side. (childhood favorite)

Do you have any tips, tricks or advice to maintaining balance or living a healthier lifestyle you would like to share?
Travel, and travel often. Drink water! When you love, go all in or not at all. Trust yourself — no one knows you better than you. Take your time doing things — no need to rush (no one’s looking, I promise) and don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. If you have a crappy bed — invest in a better mattress. It will be up there with one of the better decisions you make in life. XD


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