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Learn to Say No to Sweetness : 10 Tip to Dealing with Sugar Addiction


LEARN TO SAY NO TO SWEETNESS : 10 STEPS TO DEALING WITH SUGAR ADDICTION 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

The things we love can sometimes be the reasons for our pain as well.

Can’t get enough of those cupcakes? Having difficulty keeping your hands off of every piece of candy you come across? Think eating ice cream every day will help lessen the problems in your life?
You might as well face the truth; you are addicted to sugar. And no matter how many times you claim your love for chocolate to be true, you cannot deny that too much sugar can do an awful lot of harm to your health.

What is Sugar Addiction?
Addictions need to be treated. If left alone then over time they worsen and become even more problematic for you. Before we move on to give you some super simple and practical tips to get you off the sugar hook, let us talk a little about what sugar addiction actually is.

A person is said to be addicted to sugar when they frequently get unnecessarily untimely cravings. The cravings make them reach out for certain types of food which they binge eat and then curse themselves for overeating.

All the overeating makes them think about cutting back on certain foods which they ultimately do, only to ultimately bounce back to them because the withdrawal symptoms are just too difficult to put up with. They find themselves developing a dependence (paired with frustration) on certain types of food where on one hand they want to quit, but every time they think about quitting they feel so distressed that they drop the idea of quitting.

What You Can Do About It.
From increasing your weight to increasing your blood pressure, sugar addiction can lead to a variety of health related concerns. Here are some simple ways you can beat your sugar addiction for good.

Lowering Caffeine Intake. Drinking too much caffeine can lead to an increase in your sugar cravings. Hence, one of the most practical things to do is to either completely eliminate caffeine from your diet or reduce it.

Increasing Water Intake. While you have to cut back on caffeine, you need to drink more water. The reason for this is that sometimes the sweet cravings you feel are nothing but a sign of dehydration. So instead of baking another batch of cookies, reach for another glass of water.

Eat Organic, Eat Healthy. Another way to fight your sugar addiction is to opt for healthier, non-processed food. You do not have to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, some fruits and vegetables like apples, potatoes, carrots are sweet and healthy alternatives.

Choose Natural Sweets. A lot of people make the mistake of including artificial sweeteners when they make the transition into “eating clean.” Grade B maple syrup, coconut sugar, raw honey and date sugar are great and much healthier natural alternatives to artificial sweeteners which have many harmful chemicals in them.

Start Moving. Leading a more active lifestyle can be beneficial not just in terms of solving your sugar problems, but also for your overall health. Simple activities like walking or yoga are a great place to start. It is important to consider your current fitness level before you take up any physical activity. For example, if you are completely new to the world of exercise, it is recommended to start small, build endurance and stamina and then proceed on to more complicated, intense exercises.
Ten to fifteen minutes of brisk walking per day is a good start for anybody who is at the beginner level. Working out regularly can help maintain the blood sugar levels in your blood. It also helps in taking the stress levels down.

Get Some Shut-eye. When you are too tired your body wants a boost of energy and it wants it fast. Sugar in such a situation seems like the perfect solution. The only problem is that the sugar rush lasts for a very little while causing the energy levels to deplete again. A good strategy here is to not feel tired to begin with! This can be achieved by following a proper sleeping schedule. This means no late night Facebook scrolling. In fact, an hour before going to bed turn off all the electronic devices you have and give your body the gift of sleep.

Carefully Evaluate Your Diet. Sometimes the sweet cravings you get are a result of eating too much or too little animal protein. Take some time and evaluate just how much dairy, chicken, eggs, etc., you consume in your diet and then make necessary adjustments.

Say No to Low-Fat/ Fat-Free Food. You read it correctly! Food that carry labels like “Low-fat” in reality carry very high quantities of sugar in them. Additionally they are not that nutritious. Eliminate them from your diet right away.

Spice it Up. Spices like cinnamon, cloves, coriander etc. can spike up any food that you are eating and will also reduce your cravings.

Broaden Your Perspective. You do not have to reach for a bar of snickers every time you are down, you can find the same sweetness in talking to a close friend too. Learn to find the real sweetness in your real life apart from food. Pick up a hobby, get a relaxing massage, make that long-due phone call to that friend and experience the kind of sweetness which has no comparison.

Be Totally Healthy! Health and happiness go hand in hand. You do not have to look the other way every time someone in the vicinity mentions the word “sugar”, all you have to do is to maintain a balance between managing your cravings and giving into them. Maintaining that balance is by no means an easy task, but with our easy tips you will get there!


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