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gut health


HEALTHY SKIN BEGINS WITH A HEALTHY GUT 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Who would’ve thought that the secret to healthy blemish-free skin could be linked to gut health? Yep — the topic of gut health is here to stay so get used to it. Just think — more than 80 percent of the body’s immune system is located in the gut which means the bacteria living there is obviously going to have a big impact on our overall health. Skin health included. The skin being the largest organ in the body often reflects the body’s internal health, especially the gut. Gut health (and gut microbes) is currently one of the most talked about and researched subjects in medical science and only over the last 5 years are we really able to fully understand the sequence structure of gut microbiota and how it works.

While we all know that autoimmune illnesses, poor immune health, constipation are signs of an unhealthy gut, we now also know that skin conditions such as acne, facial redness, psoriasis, dry skin, eczema (especially in children) and rosacea are also symptoms. In fact, gut microbes may have an effect on everything within the body from body fat to mental health.

But I eat so healthy — why do I have poor skin health?
It’s not what you eat per say, but what your body absorbs. If you are doing everything by the book, poor skin health may just be a sign that your body may not be absorbing all the essential vitamins and nutrients found in your fabulous green smoothies. Remember — the entire purpose of good digestion is to absorb the food our body turns into fuel to function properly. If we’re not absorbing all the essential nutrients, the body may experience digestive issues, endure nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. YIKES! I will write several posts on the leaky gut subject!

So how to I take control of my gut health?
+ Reduce stress
+ Eat Probiotic-rich foods! There are trillions of bacteria living in your gut and these tiny micro-organisms can either encourage health or be extremely disruptive. Eating probiotic rich foods can keep the ratio of good and bad bacteria in check. Sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, miso and kefir are excellent sources of probiotics.
+ Eat ARTICHOKES. Inulin, one of their major sources of fiber, is a prebiotic and prebiotics increase the amount of probiotics in your stomach.
+ Eat MORE raw veggies — recommended daily.
+ Eat bananas. They also contain lots of prebiotics.
+ Eat MORE cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, kale, cabbage and cauliflower.
+ Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your daily diet — simply adding 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your salad as a dressing can help stimulate hydrochloric acid in your stomach and thus digestion.

Healing the gut will help to heal and promote healthy glowing skin. Try my 5 DAY GUT CLEANSE AND DETOX to experience a guided step-by-step detox meal plan.

To promote healthy skin don’t forget to …
+ Drink water! Add lemon to your glass of water to help the body flush toxins and keep the digestion moving smoothly.
+ Drink Green tea. It contains antioxidants that fight the effects of aging and help the body stay hydrated.
+ Eat blueberries. Blueberries are also antioxidants-packed and fight signs of aging.
+ Eat fish! Omega 3s are a healthy fat that moisturize the skin without making it oily.
+ Eat sweet potatoes. They reduce wrinkles!
+ Eat raw veggies such as avocado, carrots, or broccoli. They help reduce fine lines, enhance skin complexion, fight aging and protect against sun damage.

Also try my HOW TO : MAKE CHICKEN SOUP FROM SCRATCH to promote collagen and skin elasticity!

Want more nutrition tips to improve your over health and wellbeing? SIGN UP for the Happy Spoon.


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