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FUN WATERS : HYDRATE WITH FRESH SUMMER INFUSED WATERS 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Get excited about water. I have listed below the combinations of ingredients most commonly used to prepare infused waters that work well together but feel free to get creative and make your own!

5 Reasons to Hydrate
+ Digestion — water plays an essential role in the digestive process.
+ Hydration promotes weight loss!
+ Hydration helps flush toxins from the body keeping the kidney and liver healthy!
+ Less headaches 😳
+ Healthy skin!

Want to learn more about the importance of hydration? Check out HYDRATE WITH WATER : THE IMPORTANCE OF HYDRATION in the blog or SHOP the HYDRATE WITH FUN INFUSED WATERS eBook!

Infused Waters

STEP 1: Pick an infused water recipe from the image below.

STEP 2 : Follow instructions
1. Put the combination of fruit/vegetables into the pitcher.
2. Take a muddler (or just use a wooden spoon or regular spoon) to slightly mash and breakdown the fruit/vegetables. (Tip: peel the citrus fruits from their skin to avoid a bitter taste).
3. Add the herb/spice of your choice to the pitcher and gently mash with the muddler or spoon. This helps release the natural extracts and oils from the herb/spice.
4. Lastly, add either sparkling water or good ole’ fashion filtered water.
5. Drink up!

Infused Waters



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