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FATS WON’T MAKE YOU FAT: PART 1 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

A personal hero of mine, Mark Hyman, is a physician, scholar, bestselling author and coined the phrase “ Your fork, is the most powerful tool to transform your health and change the world.” and I couldn’t agree more. When we eat whole foods such as fish, for example, that contain fatty acids we improve our cell function that regulates our “mood” receptors. Grains regulate blood sugar and are a great source of folic acid and quite simply when we eat whole foods — we feel better. There is a misconception that healthy food is boring food — and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact — nuts, oils, avocados even butter are good for you.

“Coach Delphine, you are asking me to add nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocados, eggs, and even butter to my diet. Do you want me to gain weight?”

No — but I do want you to eat these food. From a caloric standpoint I can see how eating some of these foods might raise a red flag. Dietary fats contain 9 calories per gram whereas carbs and protein contain 4 calories per gram. So in theory if you eat less “fats” you eat fewer calories and lose weight. Right? Wrong. Our bodies are far more complex than simple math and the reality is each our us will metabolize differently.

Almighty Food
This might sound strange, but food is the one behind the wheel. It influences our hormones, brain chemistry, gut health and immune system. It even has the power to activate genetic depositions — positive and negative ones. Food is the communicator in determining whether or not we need to store or burn fat — and it is oversees our metabolism, every step of the way. Just think — if food has the power to do all this — I have to ask, what will your next meal be?

If you want to burn more calories, eat more fat.
A study was conducted at the National Institutes of Health that measured every ounce of food, every moment, every breath and every calorie burned over the course of a year and the study shows that those who ate more fat burned over 100 calories more a day. This amounted to about 10 pound weight loss from solely adding fat (healthy fats of course…) to the diet.

Other studies from the National Institutes of Health have reported that eating healthy fat will actually shut off the brain’s hunger and craving centers reducing food intake, curbing cravings, and improving taste preferences. But this doesn’t answer how fat won’t make me fat.

How fat won’t make you fat.
But not eating will. Our body needs sugar (glucose) to function, and when the sugar levels in our body get too low, it causes a domino effect. The insulin hormone, which is produced in the pancreas, kicks into high gear driving all available (remaining fuel) in your bloodstream into your fat cells — which are primarily in mid section. This my friends is what triggers the brain, which triggers you — to eat. Side effects of low blood sugar are hunger, irritability, headaches and anxiety.

A second and common approach to weight loss seems to be restrictive caloric diets and high intensity workouts. If you are an active person or workout regularly you may feel that you are hungry more often. This is not a red flag — it means your body needs sugar which is normal considering the amount of energy your body is using to stay physically active. Take into considerations your food preferences and try to incorporate fresh proteins and fats to tide you over after strenuous workout sessions. Try not to be so considered with the calorie count and focus on feeding your body what it needs to stay healthy.

“ I eat all the time but I still feel hungry.”
Not all food is food. Diets that consist of refined sugars or refined carbs will literally starve your body out of the nutrition it needs to function properly. Examples of refined sugars include soft drinks, sweets, fast food, and dairy products such as ice cream. Refined sugar do contain sugar and will be processed by the pancreas as energy but because the body breaks it down so quickly, the energy is always almost instantly used and rarely stored — creating a rat on a wheel scenario for never ending hunger. When you feel hungry or have craving try your best to snack on nuts or even take a bite of dark chocolate! One ounce of dark chocolate ( 3 fingers worth) counts as a serving of 9 grams of fat.

Other healthy fats include avocado, sunflower seeds, eggs, lean grass fed beef or pork, salmon, full fat yogurt and parmesan cheese.

Study after study shows, those who eat high-fat diets have a much faster metabolism. Adversely, low-fat, high-carb diets spike insulin and slow metabolism which develops into belly fat. People with higher-fat diet not only have faster metabolisms but are satisfied longer causing them to eat less.

Stay tuned for part 2 for a deeper view on “How Healthy Fats and Oils Help Your Body and What Makes a Fat Healthy or Unhealthy”. I will do a quick recap on all the main categories of healthy fats to enjoy!


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