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A TEEN-FRIENDLY RECIPE FROM HEALTHCORPS 1024 1024 Delphine Remy | Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

We wrapped up Mental Health Awareness Month at the end of May but today, we reflect on all the ways we can improve not only our health, but the health of our children and all the way we can make it “teen-friendly”. Since 1949, Americans have celebrated this observance by spreading the word of mental health by way of using resources and tools to benefit and promote whole health wellness. Speaking of health and wellness — I had the most incredible opportunity last month! Healthcorps a 501 (c)(3) dear to my heart, that provides teens tools to improve physical and mental health, invited me to participate in a cooking demo they organized to promote the recently publishing teen cookbook, Healthy Bites and Delights, at one of the cooking clubs in New York.


Healthy Bites and Delights
Being a mother of two teens, it was not difficult to find inspiration for teen-friendly recipes. Healthcorps and I have worked so hard to prepare Healthy Bites and Delights, and the roll out was a smashing success! And music to my ears. Seeing the huge smiles on the faces of the teens at the local cooking club in New York as they discovered this new cookbook while using their phones to click on the QR code of each recipe was impactful and one of the best moments I have experienced in years. They danced to the sound of music of each recipe and found the video easy and fun to make.

teen-friendlyHow is this cookbook teen-friendly? Each of the 40 recipes has a QR code and you just need to scan it and video pops up on YouTube.


Prep time 5 minutes
Servings 1-2

1 frozen banana
1 pinch vanilla powder
2 Tbsp. cashew butter
1 cup plant-based milk
1 banana
2 handfuls of spinach
Yummy toppings like berries, nuts, seeds, granola, …

1. Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
2. Add yummy toppings and ENJOY!

My contribution to Mental Health Awareness Month goes beyond a cookbook and nutrition basics for that matter. While these are important in promoting mental wellness, I choose to advocate mental health by interacting with my community and doing kind acts for others; and this behavior begins at home with our spouses and our kids.

Other ways to promote mental wellness include:
+ Getting 8 hours of sleep
+ Eating healthy!
+ Learning something new and developing skills and hobbies
+ Managing and reducing stress


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